12 April 2022

Two friends, one night, many questions. We were devouring eel in Seoul, Korea, discussing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). 💭 What are they? How do we explain to others why and how DAOs matter? Where are DAOs heading?

We wanted to find a comprehensive and simple framework for understanding DAOs. We set out to interview a few people. Thought leaders, builders, people who knew a lot about DAOs. All were deeply involved in the DAO spaces, just like us.

We learned that few people had a coherent framework for thinking about DAOs. We learned that some use different terms to mean the same thing, and others use the same term to mean different things. Things were evolving fast. Many had great ideas, yet there was no clear DAO framework.

We decided to write a book. The DAO Book. A book that would help generate a framework for thinking about DAOs. Our blog here is to publish our evolving thinking. The articles we'll post here are lego pieces. Lego pieces that we'll put next and on top of each other, discard and remake, as we evolve our shared understanding.

Join us. Comment on what you read. We know we don't know and ask you to find out together how to think and tell stories about why DAOs matter, and how. 🚀

The Authors

Rolf Hoefer. Crypto-kid. PhD. Dissertation on organizational theory from INSEAD. Wrote a best-seller on NFTs, 100k+ copies sold in 6 months. Building Cultur3. Metacartel Ventures DAO.

See Eun Ha. Crypto-kid. Born and raised in communities thanks to anthropologist parents and hip-hop. Built nonce, a crypto hacker village. 🪄 Metacartel Ventures DAO.

The Team

Dooboo. (Project Manager) Explorer and Entrepreneur. Befriended crypto-kids since 2018. Joined theses good folks in a search of an answer to the question, "how to live my life freely".

Joan. (Research Assistant) Leading crypto investments at Samsung Next including FTX, Axie Infinity, and Offchain Labs. Crypto-baby graduated from trad-fi and corporate strategy.

Jenna. (Translator) Born as a ‘crypto baby’ @nonce, and now a 5 year-old crypto kid who never wants to get old. Led crypto researches at Upbit, No.1. CeX in Korea. Deep diving into the DAO space to solve the information gap/language barrier in crypto community.